Suicide attempt of young boy prevented in Baku


A young boy attempted to suicide in the Bina settlement of Baku, police officers and rescue workers of Emergency Situations Ministry prevented him.


Javid Sadigov, born in 1995, threatened to throw himself off the roof of a five-story house, wounded himself with a knife. Situated on the roof of law enforcement officers, promptly reacting, stopped Javid Sadigov and lowered him from the roof, gave him to the doctors of the ambulance. The victim was taken to the hospital with a knife wound.


According to the report, J. Sadigov in a state of intoxication. It is also reported that Javid's 17-year-old brother Emin committed suicide on May 21, having thrown himself from the roof of the building. Sadigov, threatened to commit suicide, while on the roof, expressed dissatisfaction with the investigation of the reasons for his brother's suicide.