Russian scientists have created dry blood substitute

VİEWS: 1631 Health WORLD

Scientists from the Kaluga region of the Russian Federation have developed the drug PAM-3, which can help with a large loss of blood by the human body. Dry blood substitutes can be used for combat injuries or in extreme cases.

It fully replaces the red blood cells of donor blood of any blood type and Rh factor, without requiring special storage conditions, according to the Ministry of Health of the Kaluga region.

The company from Obninsk, which is a member of the Biopharmaceutical Alliance of Competences "Park of active molecules”, was engaged in the development of the PAM-3 preparation.

To date, preclinical trials have been conducted with healthy volunteers. The tolerability and pharmacokinetics of the drug were studied, and its safety was also confirmed.

PAM-3 is compatible with various solvents, standard electrolytes, the dose and concentration of the doctor can be changed if necessary. The use of the drug eliminates the risk of contracting infectious diseases with blood transfusions.