Pakistan rejects discovery of oil reserves near borders with Iran


Pakistan’s energy ministry rejected reports that huge oil reserves have been found in the country near the border with Iran.

In a recent statement, the Pakistani energy ministry said no oil reserves, reportedly bigger than Kuwait’s, have been discovered near the Iran border by US energy giant Exxon Mobil, Pakistani media reported.


It added that no license for oil and gas exploration has been awarded to Exxon Mobil and that the American multinational oil and gas company is currently not involved in any drilling operations in the country.

On August 4, Pakistani caretaker Minister for Maritime Affairs and Foreign Affairs Abdullah Hussain Haroon said Exxon Mobil Corp was close to discovering huge oil reserves in Pakistan near the border with Iran.

The statement further said, "The caretaker minister has given an irresponsible statement on a sensitive matter which needs inquiry as it has added problems for the ministry, intelligence forces and concerned departments. Foreign minister’s statement contained exaggerated figures".