Erdogan: “Turkey has fought against problems in whole Islamic geography from Nagorno Karabakh to Syria”

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"We had to fight against not only COVID-19 pandemic, but also virus of "hostility against Islam”, which spread more rapidly than it, this year”, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his video-appeal to the Muslim community, APA’s bureau in Turkey reports.

He said that the virus of "hostility against Islam” negatively affects not only Muslims, but also believers of other religions seriously: "This hostility targets Muslims, as well as expelled persons from Africa, Asia, and believers of other religions. We see promotion of the ideological fanatism, which is not different from ISIS and FETO terror organizations, even at the level of heads of states. You also witness meanness about our prophet under cover of freedom of thought in France recently. Insulting sacred values of people does not have any relation with freedom. Because thought and insult are different issues. Those, who support persons that fired the Holy Quran, create condition for insulting our prophet, turn a blind eye to attacks on our mosques, behave so not for freedom, but to hide fascism within themselves. But they demonstrate intolerance against a little criticism against them.”

Turkish President called on Muslims, living in non-Muslim countries, not to believe in schisms.

Erdogan noted that Turkey has fought against problems in different places of the whole Islamic geography from Palestine to Lebanon, from Nagorno Karabakh to Syria.