Azerbaijan detains Uzbek and Kyrgyz citizens attempting to cross to Iran


In 2 cases the employees of the State Border Service (SBS), thanks to their cautiousness and professionalism, have prevented 6 illegal migrants; citizens of Central Asian countries, crossing over to Iran by violating the state border and in one case have prevented the attempted smuggling of large amounts of alcohol through the country.

Horadiz border group’s post in Kerimbeyli village in Fuzuli district detected footprints of unknown individuals in the direction from Azerbaijan to Iran on Feb. 17, 5 people were detained as a result of immediate operational-troop measures. The identity of the border violators has been identified, 4 of them have been identified as Uzbek citizens and one Azerbaijani citizen who was guiding them, the State Border Service's press center told APA.

On the same day, 1 Uzbek and 1 Kyrgyz citizen was detained by the Goytepe border post of the Border Guard Service in the Deman village in Yardimli district while attempting to violate the state border in direction from Azerbaijan to Iran.

On Feb. 16 and 17, in the SBS Coast Guard service area 470 bottles of mostly 1 liter glass containers of alcohol in 39 boxes intended for smuggling were detected 150 meters away from shore and in the bushes in the direction of Baliqchilar village in Lenkaran district.


Criminal proceedings have been initiated with the Criminal Code’s relevant articles and necessary operational and investigative measures are underway.