Azerbaijan detains 3 foreigners for attempting to get to Europe on fake passports


Azerbaijan’s border guards have detained 3 foreign nationals who attempted to go to Europe on fake passports through the country.


During the checking of passports before a Sharjah-Baku flight, Siddigi Salma (1958) and Siddigi Mujeeb Ur Rahman (1987) pretended to be British citizens, but the passports they presented drew suspicion.


In a similar scenario, Muhammed Lugman Muhammed Amen (1995) pretended to be a German citizen when he was asked to present his passport before a Baku-Frankfurt flight.


All three passports were thoroughly examined and it turned out that their covers were counterfeit. A further inspection revealed that the former two were carrying Pakistani passports and the latter had an Iraqi passport. The detainees admitted to planning to go to Europe from Azerbaijan.


The investigation is continuing.