Chairman of Association: One of countries more benefiting from BTK may be Russia


According to different forecasts, the cargos sent from China to the West will quintuple to 1.3 million containers by 2020. Of this, 300,000 will be carried via Caucasus route. Cargo transportation from Europe to the Central Asia and China passing through Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan will be doubled. Thus, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan will become a transit hub between Europe and Asia, Chairman of the Association of Turkish Construction Materials Producers, head of "MətanətA" company Elkhan Bashirov said in its article published in the media.


According to him, the BTK will open an alternative route to Turkey for Russia: "Undoubtedly, significant part of cargo turnover between Russia and Turkey will be carried out via this route. It’s supposed that Azerbaijan and Georgia may agree for concessional transit of cargo. In this case, one of the countries more benefiting from this route may be Russia because it spent no money on construction of the railway. Moreover, Russia’s companies in the North Caucasus, Volga River, even in Ural and Siberia will have the shortest way to Turkey”.