Cabinet of Ministers issues order on preparation of forecast of state budget for 2019 and consolidated budget next three years


The Ministry of Finance must prepare and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan by 15 September 2018 for submission to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan the draft state budget and the consolidated budget of the country for the next budget year and consolidated budget indicators for the next three years, the Ministry of Economy until September 10, 2018 - the concept and forecast indicators of the economic and social development of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the consolidated financial balance for the next fiscal year and the next three years, reads the order issued by the Cabinet of Ministers.


In order to clarify the country's medium-term economic and social development program for the current year, the State Statistical Committeeshould submit to the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Financepreliminary statistics for 2017 by February 5, 2018.


In order to prepare the draft state budget revenues for the next fiscal year and the next three years, the Ministry of Taxes was instructed, in accordance with the letter-instruction prepared by the Ministry of Finance before May 1, 2018, to provide relevant information to the Ministry of Finance by July 1, 2018.



The Ministry of Finance should submit to the Ministry of Economics preliminary mid-term indicators for the forecast of the state and consolidated budgets (revenues, expenditures and deficit) for 2019 and the next three years, until September 5, 2018 - their revised version, until March 31, 2018 - preliminary amount of state investment expenditures in the state budget, and until July 20, 2018 - their specified amount.



In connection with the order, the relevant instructions were given to the Ministry of Economy, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the State Oil Fund, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, and a number of state structures.