US approves $40Mln military sale of more than 2,000 bombs to Kuwait


The United States has approved a $40.4 million military sale of more than two thousand bombs to the government of Kuwait, the US Department of State Bureau of Political Military Affairs said in a press release, Sputnik reported.

"The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Kuwait of various Mk- series munitions for an estimated cost of $40.4 million," the release said on Thursday.

The release explained that Kuwait will purchase specifically 1,020 Mk-82 500-pound bombs, 1,002 Mk-83 1000-pound bombs and 600 Mk-84 2000-pound bombs.
Kuwait will use the munitions to arm its current fleet of F/A-18 aircraft as it works to improve the country's capability to counter current and future threats in the region, the release said.


The proposed sale will contribute to US foreign policy and national security by helping to improve the security of a regional partner with an important force for political stability and economic progress, the release added.