Number of detainees over Maduro assassination attempt rises to 10


To date, Venezuelan authorities have detained ten people on suspicion of involvement in the August 4 attempt to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan Interior Minister Nestor Reverol was quoted as saying by the AVN news agency on Thursday, TASS reported.

The minister said the number of suspects has risen to 25 people.

Earlier in the day, the Venezuelan authorities have officially asked Colombia to extradite fiver suspects in the attack, including Venezuelan opposition lawmaker Julio Borges as well as retired Colonel Oswaldo Palomo.

The attempt to kill the Venezuelan president with the use of drones took place as he was delivering a speech in the capital Caracas on August 4. The drones were shot down, but seven law enforcement officers were wounded. Maduro and senior officials of the country were not injured.


Maduro accused Venezuelan ultra-right in alliance with Colombian ultra-right, and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. He also assumed that some of those plotting to kill him lived in the US. On Sunday, Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said the authorities had detained six suspects.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry dismissed Maduro’s accusations as absurd.