Interior Minister : "In connection with the lack of electricity, no serious crimes were committed"


"Immediately after the incident, I, guided by your instructions, gave instructions on what actions we need to take in emergency situations. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with other structures, has developed and begun to implement additional measures to protect the order, ensure security, " said Interior Minister Ramil Usubov at a meeting chaired by President Ilham Aliyev on the state of the country’s energy system.



"I want to report that we, together with the Ministry for Emergency Situations, took part in the evacuation of almost 30 thousand people. In addition, the traffic police accompanied buses. In connection with traffic safety, we, along with the State Traffic Police, involved 150 patrol officers to provide normal traffic in Baku. I would like to inform you that we strengthened the protection of the objects of state importance, the territories of diplomatic corps. I want to report that during these two days, in connection with the lack of electricity, no serious crimes were committed. Today the situation in our country is completely under control. In some cases, there are calls for provocation, but we identify these people, and within the law continue to take action against these people.”