Azerbaijani engineers develop mini-drone


Azerbaijani engineers have developed a mini-unmanned aerial vehicle called "Dronee", Tamleyha Piriyev, manager of the mini-drone’s development project.

At a weight of 600 grams, the mini drone can carry a payload of 180 grams. The flight duration of the device reaches 60 minutes, and the maximum speed - 12 meters per second.


"France, Australia, the US, Canada, China and countries of Africa show interest for this project," Piriyev said. "We are planning to develop a distribution network and we are negotiating with the interested parties. The project is being implemented in Estonia and we managed to commercialize it."

The mini drone is sold at a price of 1,990 euros.

The device is intended for civilian use and can be used for surveying the terrain. The drone can be managed by using a tablet computer running iOS.