Armenian Diaspora commits provocation in Immortal Regiment march in Moscow

Armenian Diaspora committed provocation in Immortal Regiment march in Moscow.

APA’s Moscow correspondent reports that representatives of Armenian Diaspora carried the flag of so-called separatist regime and shouted "Artsakh”. Near the Belarusskaya subway station, a conflict occurred between Armenians and young activists of Azerbaijani Diaspora.  

Azerbaijanis demanded Armenians to stop carrying the flag of the separatist regime. At this time, Armenians attacked Azerbaijanis and some of Azerbaijanis were injured. Police interfered in the incident.

Azerbaijanis also demanded police to stop carrying of flag by Armenians. However, the police disregarded this demand. In order to prevent the conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, OMON allowed Armenians to go ahead. Azerbaijanis waited for a while then they were allowed to join the march.   

The Immortal Regiment march was attended by representatives of Azerbaijani Youth Union of Russia (AMOR) and the Development and Renaissance Foundation of Azerbaijani Culture.