Allahshukur Pashazade: Fetullah isn’t on his own, he has backers


"Some states are envious of the policy being pursued by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a friend of Azerbaijan and of our President,” Chairman of the Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO) Allahshukur Pashazade said an event held in Heydar Mosque on Saturday with regard to the first anniversary of the 15 July coup attempt in Turkey.


The CMO chairman noted that for this reason these people are committing acts of terrorism in Turkey, trying to carry out coups.


"The Azerbaijani people also have a taste of what such terror means. We understand our brothers very well. One year ago, the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) provoked a conflict between the brothers. They tried to overthrow the legitimate government. Glory be to Allah that the brotherly country under the leadership of Erdogan was able to overcome this treacherous attempt.. Even the Prophet [Muhammad] (peace be upon him) and Islamic scholars condemned such acts. Islam is a religion of peace. FETO is an organization that abuses the name of Islam. They have backers. Fethullah did not become FETO on his own,” he said.


Pashazadeh noted that on that terrible night, President Ilham Aliyevexpressed full solidarity with the legitimate government headed by Erdogan


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