22 policemen killed in Taliban group attack in Afghanistan


At least 40 Taliban killed and 35 others were wounded in a Taliban group attack on Monday night in Kandahar province, local officials said Tuesday.


Twenty two policemen also lost their lives in the clash, officials confirmed.


Kandahar police said that Taliban ambushed security forces check posts in Zhari and Maiwand districts.


According to Kandahar police the attack started last night at about 8:00 pm and lasted for one hour.


Kandahar police said the attack was one of the biggest attacks by the Taliban in the last few years.


Kandahar police spokesman Zia Durani confirmed the attack and said 22 police killed and 15 others were wounded.


According to Durani Taliban failed to gain control of the check posts and retreated.

Taliban has not yet commented.


No more details were provided yet.